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Upcoming Program

I'm Back! And Here's What Is New
Jan.17 - Mar. 7 2019

In this series, we have invited back 8 speakers who excited our members and who have something new to present.  The topics are varied - Science and Humanities, Jazz, Global Economy, Arctic Exploration, The Universe, Cancer Drug Discovery, Nanotechnology and Women in Politics.

Another series that offers you a veritable buffet of topics.

Current Program

Climate Change, Catastrophe and the Tides of History
Sept. 13 - Nov. 1, 2018

The nearly four billion years of geologic record tell us that the Earth’s climate has fluctuated from tropical hothouse to icehouse (Snowball Earth). The record provides perspective for our current focus on global warming. For most of Earth history, climate has been much warmer than today. Ice ages, like the one in which we are presently embedded are rare. In essence, the world that we regard as normal is unusual. It’s cool and has biomes (tundra, boreal forest, grasslands, etc.) that are young and fleeting.

Climate change has driven evolution, the emergence of humans and their movement around the world. It has determined where and when civilization emerged. In the last two thousand years it has regulated the rise and fall of many societies, and continues to exert huge control over how we occupy the Earth and our very survival.


The Third Age Learning Movement was established in France in 1973. It rapidly spread throughout Europe and the UK and first arrived in Canada in Sherbrooke, PQ in 1975. Worldwide, there are now many organizations offering learning opportunities for older, often retired, people (third age) - universities, community organizations, and independent groups.

According to Catalist, The Canadian Network for Third Age Learning, there are now over 50 third age learning groups of various kinds in Canada, coast to coast.

Third Age Learning Burlington - 3ALB - is one of the newer Canadian Third Age Learning organizations.

3ALB invites adults (55+) in the Burlington area to join us at our stimulating sessions!

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