Items Arising From Presentations

Series 14: Climate Change, Catastrophe and the Tides of History

Dr. Anthony Davis

Series 13: Food, Glorious Food?

March 8, 2018
Where Are We Headed?
Ms. Danielle Collins
March 1, 2018
At The Table:Recipe For Change
Chef Chris Beltrano
February 8, 2018
Exploring the Possibilities of the Multi-functional Farm
Bryan Gilvesy
February, 1, 2018
Modern Agriculture in Modern Times: What to Make of Genetically Modified/Engineered Foods?
Andreas Boecker

Series 12: Your Mysterious Brain

October 19, '17
Brain Mechanisms Explain Emotion and Consciousness
Dr. Paul Thagard
October 12, '17
Language comprehension, conscious awareness, the brain - and what happens when it all goes wrong
Dr. John Connolly

A series of articles from the Hamilton Spectator

Jean-Dominique Bauby, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly: A Memoir of Life in Death
Le Scaphandre et le Papillon - The Diving Bell amd the Butterfly (Dir.: J Schanbel)
Life on Mars (UK) BBC ONE (2006-2007)
Talk to Her - Habla con Ella (Dit. & Writer: P. Almodóvar)

October 5, '17
Physically Fit, Mentally Flexible: The Benefits of Exercise for Brain Health
Dr. Jennifer Heisz



Series 11: Big Questions... Big Ideas... All Over the Map

February 9, '17 Is Curiosity Alive in the 21st Century?
Dr Michael Reid

Series 10: Transformational Discoveries in Science and Technology

October 13, '16 Inside the World of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
Robert Gerritsen

Series 9: Everyday Ethics

March 3, '16 Aboriginal Education in Canada: A Costly Journey
Dr. Christy Rochelle Bressette
February 11, '16 Staying Safe in an Era of Questionable Ethics in Social Media
Susan Visser
January 28, '16 The Rapidly Changing Landscape of End of Life Decisions in Canada
Kerry Bowman

Series 8: Mirror Mirror

November 5, '15Some Disenchanted Evening
Philip Gardner
Selected Further Readings
October 29, '15 The Changing Role of Botanical Gardens in Today's Society
Mark Runciman
David Galbraith
Botanical Gardens Resources
October 22, '15 The Mirror of Fashion: Vanity and the Dangers of Dress
Alison Matthews David
How the fashion industry has injured women: From killer heels to 'long scarf syndrome'
October 8, '15 Film and Society: A Reflection
Julian D'Angela
Links to interesting movie sites

Series 7: Canadian Criminal Justice

March 12, '15 Association in Defence of the Wrongfully Convicted
Win Waher
AIDWYC: History
February 12, '15 Community Programmes for Youth at Risk
David Lane
John Howard Society of Hamilton, Burlington & Area
January 29, '15What is special about the Canadian Criminal Justice System?
Dr. Tony Doob
Criminological Highlights

Series 6: On And Offf the Beaten Path

October 16, '14Spain's Alhambra Palace: If these walls could talk
Dr. Monica Leoni
The Alhambra: From the Sultan Palace, to the legend

Series 5: How Healthy Can We Be?

General Choosing Wisely Canada is a campaign to help physicians and patients engage in conversations about unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures
Dr. Martin goes to Washington Aided by a quick wit, a cool head and a careful command of the facts, Dr. Danielle Martin offered a spirited defense of the Canadian healthcare system before the United States Senate Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging.
March 13, '14Health, Illness and Income
Mark Chamberlain
   23 and 1/2 Hours (Single Best Thing for Health - YouTube)
   Code Red (Hamilton Spectator)
March 6, '14Everyone's DNA Tells a Story: Do You Want to Know Yours?
Carolyn Abraham
   Decoded: The genome revolution and you (Video - Globe and Mail)
   Carolyn Abraham's Website
   The Genes that Bind Us
   Selected Further Readings
February 13, '14DementiAbility: The Montessori Way
Gail Elliot
   Lost in Thought. The Long Goodbye (Hamilton Spectator)
   Lost in Thought. The Caregiver's Burden (Hamilton Spectator)
   Lost in Thought. Hope for the Future (Hamilton Spectator)
   The Inescapable Health Care Crisis (Hamilton Spectator Editorial 2013/09/21)
   Urgent Action Needed on Dementia (Hamilton Spectator Editorial 2013/09/24)
   Take a stand on behalf of someone with dementia
Februaey 6, '14Future of Health Care in Ontario
Eric Vandewall
   Responses to Unanswered Questions to Eric Vandewall

Series 4: Democracy

November 7, '13Dispatches from Democracy's Front Lines: Renewing politics in Canada
Alison Loat
   Samara Website
October 17, '13The United Nations and the 'Problem' of Rogue States
Dr. Alistair Edgar
   A statement from the USG for Peacekeeping Operations, from 1 November 2012
   UN peacekeeping web site explaining the kinds of reform thinking and activiites that
   have been undertaken
October 13, '13Shaping Freedom and Security: Democracy in the Era of Terrorism
Dr. Dr. Veronica Kitchen
   Priest & Arkin, Top Secret America
   Mueller & Stewart, Terrorism, Security & Money
   Whittaker, Secret Service: Political Policing in Canada from the Fenians to Fortress America
October 10, '13The outcome of the Arab Spring three years later, the promises and the failures
Dr. Miloud Chennoufi
   La composition de l'opposition syrienne